Calmsie develops prescription grade Digital Therapeutics (DTx) solutions for children's mental health. We employ conversational AI in the form of videobot avatars coupled with cognitive-behavioral (CBT) therapy to deliver world class, evidence-based mental health support for children suffering from depression, anxiety and behavioral addictions.

The cross-functional team has deep expertise in AI/ML, psychiatry, pharmaceuticals, and commercialization, and is currently verifying the solution in a clinical trial. Calmsie was awarded Med-Tech World Product of the Year 2021 Award and was selected as one of the most promising startups to the Healthcare Lab organized by Roche, and to the NVIDIA Inception Program.

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CancerCenter AI

Our mission is to combine state-of-the-art computer science research with medical imaging. In order to make the world of cancer treatment a better place we need to make use of the technology to the fullest. In other words, using advanced machine learning techniques in medical image diagnosis on the regular basis is the next big leap that our society needs to make in order to progress. Certainly, our tools facilitate this transformation.

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We are a technology company operating at the intersection of medicine and technology. Our innovative solutions are revolutionizing the ways lives can be saved and patients can be treated.

MedApp offers unique solutions to support diagnostic imaging and next-generation digital medicine. We are constantly expanding the portfolio of services, adapting them to the needs of the changing world and new areas of application.

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Imagine that every 12 seconds someone in the world suffers from a forearm injury, which is more than 1/6 of all fractures in the human body. The most common method of forearm injuries treatment is immobilization in a traditional, heavy plaster dressing, time consuming to put on and if the limb needs to be set again , involving up to 3-person medical personnel. We have created a set of medical devices to treat forearm injuries. Fractured bones are positioned in our medical setter, which allows for non-operational adjustment of some fractures. Instead of 3 people, precise reset of a broken forearm is possible by one person. With one click on the scanner, the doctor takes a suitable orthosis, which he puts on the patient's forearm.

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Older people face various problems daily. They concern shopping, minor repairs or walking a dog. Fortunately, there are those who can help. A special application SeniorApp helps to organise support. This tool is especially important during a pandemic. SeniorApp is a mobile application created for people in need, the elderly, the disabled, as well as their families looking for support in their care. As the creators emphasise, the task of SeniorApp is to build a community of people willing to help others. The impulse for the creators was the competition "I have an idea for a Startup" announced by the city of Łódź Office. The originators became the winners of the main prize. They also won the title of the laureate of the "Forge of Ideas" program implemented by the Marshal's Office of the Lodz Region. Importantly, SeniorApp helps to limit direct contacts with strangers, among others in clinics, shops, offices, etc. After installing the free application on a mobile device, you can use it as a person seeking help for yourself or a loved one or offering services. If we are looking for support, SeniorApp will help find them on many key issues. It goes, among others for care, but also keeping the company, consultation with an internist, rehabilitation, dealing with official matters, and even taking care of the graves of relatives. As the authors inform, after clicking on a given service, local offers of people who can implement it will be displayed. Each service provider on SeniorApp is verified by the application administrator. The provision of electronic services via mobile devices is in line with the idea of preventing and combating threats related to COVID-19. The application will not end with the coronavirus epidemic, because the problems of the elderly and those in need will not disappear. It is important to add that global population aged 60 years or over numbered 962 million in 2017, more than twice as large as in 1980 when there were 382 million older persons worldwide. The number of older persons is expected to double again by 2050, when it is projected to reach nearly 2.1 billion. As the average age of the population continues to rise, governments should implement policies to meet the needs and interests of older people, including those relating to housing, employment, healthcare, social protection, and other forms of intergenerational solidarity. Unfortunately, this help is not yet visible, and many people need it. The recent times of the pandemic have shown how lonely elderly people are, and thus a great need for services and assistance for them. The natural transition of users from the middle-aged to advanced age entails the emergence of new needs from apps. A wide range of affordable smartphones and tablets stimulates the growth of this high-potential market. Developers have recently increased their interest in this audience. Nevertheless, in almost all mobile app categories for the senior generation, competition is currently quite low. This is a giant and still underestimated market. The business model of SeniorApp is based on a success fee from the services provided. Each user providing services has the option of setting his own rate for the services offered. Ultimately, there is a commission charge of 25% of the value of a well- performed service. Additional sources of income: in-app advertising, cquiring leads for business partners, affiliations, conducting and selling focus research on users.

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