Organising partners

Our Future is Public conference is being organised by a range of civil society organisations, social movements, and academic institutions that work across a variety of sectors, geographic zones, and thematic focuses. It is composed of different committees: a core group, a logistics committee, sectoral groups, and a communications commission. It aims at collaborating with Chilean organisations, public administration, and study centres.

Committee Contacts

  • Core group: Rodrigo Echecopar, rodrigo@gi-escr.org
  • Logistics committee: Vicente Silva, vicente@gi-escr.org
  • Sectoral groups: Lavinia Steinfort, l.steinfort@tni.org (for more information on each of the sectoral groups)
  • Communications commission: Marcelo Netto, marcelo.netto@world-psi.org

ActionAid International

ActionAid is a global federation working for a world free from poverty and injustice.We want to see a just, fair and sustainable world, in which everybody enjoys the right to a life of dignity, and freedom from poverty and oppression. So we work to achieve social justice and gender equality, and to eradicate poverty.

ActionAid is one of the main funding organisations of the Our Future is Public Conference.

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Blue Planet project

The Blue Planet Project is part of a global movement, with partners around the world that promotes the fundamental truth that “Water is life.” We strive for water justice based on the principles that water is a human right, a public trust, and part of the global commons.

We work with organizations and activists in both South and North, and are affiliated with international networks including Friends of the Earth International, Red Vida (the Americas Network on the Right to Water) and the People’s Health Movement.

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Canadian Union of Public Employees

The Canadian Union of Public Employees is Canada’s largest union, with 700,000 members across the country. CUPE represents workers in health care, emergency services, education, early learning and child care, municipalities, social services, libraries, utilities, transportation, airlines and more. We have 68 offices across the country, in every province, and we work closely with our international counterparts.

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Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR)

We are an international non-governmental organization that aims to transform the dominant economic system. Our vision is of a world in which a just distribution of resources and power enables current and future generations to live with dignity, in full enjoyment of their economic and social rights. In pursuit of that vision, our mission is to harness the power of human rights to inspire fairer and more sustainable economies.

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Centro de Análisis Socio Ambiental (CASA)


Corporate Accountability and Public Participation Africa (CAPPA)

Corporate Accountability and Public Participation Africa (CAPPA) works to advance human rights, challenge corporate abuse of our natural resources and build community power for inclusive development and participatory governance.

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Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN)

Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN) is a network of feminist scholars, researchers and activists from the economic South working for economic and gender justice and sustainable and democratic development.

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Enginyeria Sense Fronteres (ESF)

We work to guarantee universal access to basic services from a #feminist perspective and committed to #Global and environmental justice. And through the empowerment and capacity building of vulnerable and affected groups.

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Equidad de Género


The European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad) is a network of 58 civil society organisations (CSOs) from 28 European countries. We have spent more than 30 years working with our European members and global partners advocating for transformative changes to global and European policies, institutions, rules and structures to ensure a democratically controlled, environmentally sustainable financial and economic system that works to eradicate poverty and ensure human rights for all.

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Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging (FNV)

The Dutch Trade Union Confederation (FNV) is the largest union in the Netherlands with almost 1,000,000 members across the country, representing all sectors.

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Feminist Hiking Collective (FHC)

The Feminist Hiking Collective (FHC) is a feminist non-profit organisation and a transnational hub for feminist hikers. The organisation is coordinated and structured in a collective and decentralised way. We aim to contribute to transformative system change through feminist pedagogy, research and resource co-creation, and to build collective feminist leadership and power through hiking and mountaineering. We wish to co-build a feminist world for the common good that is grounded in our belonging to nature.

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FEMNET - The African Women's Development and Communication Network

The African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET) is a pan- African, feminist and membership-based network based in Nairobi with over 800 members across 49 African countries. FEMNET exists to facilitate and coordinate the sharing of experiences, ideas, information, and strategies for human rights promotion among African women’s organizations through networking, communication, capacity-building and advocacy at the regional and international levels.

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FIAN International

Focus on the Global South

Friends of the Earth International

Friends of the Earth International is the world’s largest grassroots environmental federation with 73 national member groups and millions of members and supporters around the world. Our vision is of a peaceful and sustainable world based on societies living in harmony with nature. We envision a society of interdependent people living in dignity, wholeness and fulfilment in which equity and human and peoples’ rights are realised. This will be a society built upon peoples’ sovereignty and participation.

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Global Alliance for Tax Justice (GATJ)

Hacedoras por el Buen Vivir

Hacedoras por el Buen Vivir is a working group of Mujeres y Diversidades Indigenas por el Buen Vivir, an identity and ecological brand of handicrafts, services and knowledge of indigenous women and diversities.

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ICJ - International Commission of Jurists

Initiative for Social and Economic Rights (ISER)
ISER, a non profit organisation based in Uganda works to advance economic and social justice. It uses strategic litigation, evidence based advocacy, research and monitoring, movement building and community participation to advance economic social rights.
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Institute for Development Freedom of Information (IDFI)

The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) is a Georgian non-governmental organization. IDFI is as a hybrid watchdog/think-tank organization, combining monitoring and analytical skills with evidence based advocacy, strategic litigation, awareness raising and consulting activities as well as growing international impact. IDFI conducts high-quality, independent research and, based on this research, provides innovative, practical recommendations that strengthen democracy in Georgia and neighboring countries and foster economy and social welfare.

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International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI)

The IAI is a global network of associations and social movements of inhabitants, cooperatives, communities, tenants, house owners, homeless, slum dwellers, indigenous populations and people from working class neighbourhoods.The objective is the construction of another possible world starting from the achievement of the housing and city rights. 

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International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF)

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is a democratic, affiliate-led federation recognised as the world’s leading transport authority. We fight passionately to improve working lives, connecting nearly 700 affiliated trade unions from 150 countries that may otherwise be isolated and helping their members to secure rights, equality and justice. We are the voice for nearly 20 million working men and women across the world.

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Movimiento de Mujeres y Diversidades Indígenas por el Buen Vivir

The Movimiento de Mujeres y Diversidades Indigenas por el Buen Vivir is a movement that seeks to amplify rights. We recognise ourselves as an active, anti-patriarchal, non-partisan, anti-capitalist, and anti-colonial movement that fights against structural racism and against Terricide. We enunciate ourselves politically on the basis of our ancestral and territorial identities and knowledge. We are a resistance movement and we propose to recover and revalue the historical plurinationality that has been omitted and denied by the official history of the colonial states. We fight for the self-determination of our bodies, territories and peoples. Our ancestry gives us power and wisdom. Our love for life calls us to struggle. In 2013, some of us sisters began to travel around Argentina with the idea of creating what is today the Movement of Indigenous Women and Diversities for Good Living. We went in search of making visible what they try to make invisible: our bodies-territory, our cosmovisions, our identities and our rights as women and indigenous diversities. With the support of women from the more than 36 pre-existing nations that cohabit the Argentinean territory, we have organised ourselves in this space.

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Observatori del Deute en la Globalització (ODG)

The Debt Observatory in Globalisation is a network of researchers and activists. We work on financial and climate justice and the defence of the commons from an ecofeminist perspective. We elaborate critical analysis of complex and/or structural processes to show the visible (and not visible) impacts and risks of the economic and political system, producing tools that facilitate interpretation of the current context. We produce critical analysis and campaigns for mobilisation and social transformation in the face of social, economic, environmental and gender inequalities, while working on political incidence and the denunciation of the political and economic actors that we identify as responsible. The ODG is also an open platform for participation, debate and action, which promotes the creation of networks and spaces for the construction of alternatives that strengthen popular sovereignties and the empowerment of communities.

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Oxfam is a global movement of people, working together to end the injustice of poverty. Working with partners, we use a combination of practical tactics and innovation to deliver development programs, public education, campaigns, advocacy and humanitarian assistance in disasters and conflicts. From sanitation and clean water to getting more girls into school, we won’t stop until every person on the planet can enjoy life free from poverty.

Oxfam is one of the main funding organisations of this Conference.

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People's Health Movement (PHM)

The PHM is a global network bringing together grassroots health activists, civil society organizations and academic institutions from around the world, particularly from low and middle income countries (L&MIC). We currently have a presence in around 70 countries. Guided by the People’s Charter for Health (PCH), PHM works on various programmes and activities and is committed to Comprehensive Primary Health Care and addressing the Social, Environmental and Economic Determinants of Health.

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Plataforma de Acuerdos Público Comunitarios de las Américas, PAPC

The Platform for Public and Community Partnerships in the Americas, PAPC, works promoting public-community partnerships for water services based in solidarity and nonprofit. These partnerships have enabled communities and public utilities to realize the human rights to water and sanitation by improving public management of water and sanitation systems, providing a democratic, sustainable and equitable alternative to water privatization.

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Privatisation in Education and Human Rights Consortium (PEHRC)

PEHRC is one of the main funding organisations of the Our Future is Public Conference.

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Public Services International (PSI)

Public Services International is a Global Union Federation of more than 700 trade unions representing 30 million workers in 154 countries. We bring their voices to the UN, ILO, WHO and other regional and global organisations. We defend trade union and workers' rights and fight for universal access to quality public services.

PSI is one of the main funding organisations of the Our Future is Public Conference.

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La Red Vida (the Inter-American Network for the Defense and Right to Water) is a network in defense of water as a public good and a fundamental right. The network consists of consumer associations, women’s organizations, environmentalists, labour unions, human rights activists, religious groups, indigenous groups and social organizations.

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Society for International Development (SID)

The Society for International Development (SID) is an international network of individuals and organizations founded in 1957 to promote socio-economic justice and foster democratic participation in the development process. It celebrates its 65th anniversary in 2022. Through programmes and activities at national, regional and global levels, SID strengthens collective knowledge and action on people-centered development strategies and promotes policy change towards inclusiveness, equity and sustainability. SID has approx. 3,000 members and works with local chapters, institutional members and partner organizations in more than 50 countries. SID’s activities are facilitated by an International Secretariat with offices in Rome (headquarters) and Nairobi.

SID is one of the main funding organisations of the Our Future is Public Conference.

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Support for Advocacy and Training to Health Initiatives (SATHI)

Tax Justice Network (TJN)

The Tax Justice Network believes our tax and financial systems are our most powerful tools for creating a just society that gives equal weight to the needs of everyone. But under pressure from corporate giants and the super-rich, our governments have programmed these systems to prioritise the wealthiest over everybody else, wiring financial secrecy and tax havens into the core of our global economy. This fuels inequality, fosters corruption and undermines democracy. We work to repair these injustices by inspiring and equipping people and governments to reprogramme their tax and financial systems

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The Democracy Collaborative

The Democracy Collaborative is a US-based R&D lab for the democratic and reparative economy and a leader in equitable forms of community economic development.

Our overarching goal is to move beyond corporate capitalism to a next system that is substantially more equitable, sustainable, reparative, and democratic.

We do this this by developing and supporting innovative models, institutions, and approaches on the ground that fundamentally alter and democratize patterns of ownership and control; and then by linking these up to various interventions and “non reformist reforms” at all levels of the political economic system.

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The East African Centre for Human Rights (EACHRIGHTS)

The East African Centre for Human Rights (also known as EACHRights) was established in May 2010 to undertake Human Rights work at a regional context. The organization is a non-partisan, Regional Non-Governmental Organization that seeks to initiate and undertake programmes that promote, protect, and enhance Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ECOSOC Rights) in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania for vulnerable and marginalized groups. The organization employs the Rights Based Approach in its interventions.

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The Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (GI-ESCR)

Gl-ESCR is a non-governmental organisation that promotes transformative change to end endemic problems of social and economic injustice through a human rights lens.

Gl-ESCR is one of the main funding organisations of the Our Future is Public Conference.

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Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (TUED)

Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (TUED) is a growing global network of unions and close allies working to advance democratic control and social ownership of energy, in ways that promote solutions to the climate crisis, address energy poverty, resist the degradation of both land and people, and respond to the attacks on workers’ rights and protections.

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Transnational Institute (TNI)

The Transnational Institute (TNI) is an international research and advocacy institute committed to building a just, democratic and sustainable planet. For nearly 50 years, TNI has served as a unique nexus between social movements, engaged scholars and policy makers.

TNI is one of the main funding organisations of the Our Future is Public Conference.

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Womankind Worldwide

Womankind Worldwide strengthens and supports women’s rights organisations and movements with the resources they need to challenge oppression and change the lives of women, in the home, the workplace and the communities they live in. Led by our partners, we build successful projects together, amplify women’s voices and share what’s working. We take collective action with women’s movements to advocate for changes to laws and policies across the world that ensure women’s rights. Together we’re pushing for a world where women and girls don’t just survive but thrive.

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