Welcome to PSI's 12th Interamerican Regional Conference (IAMRECON) and related meetings.

Meetings will be held at the Palacio de las Aguas, Ayacucho 751, Buenos Aires, Argentina. IAMRECON will take place from 24-28 June and will be preceded, as of 21 June, by SUBRACs and the Women’s Committees for Central America, Andean, Southern Cone and Brazil.

#IAMRECON2019 is a rare opportunity to network, make contacts and develop allies to work with over the next mandate

Please note that this is a paperless Conference, all documents can be accessed on the IAMRECON website or through the PSI's events application (Google store/Apple store).

All participants have been invited, by email, to register and download PSI’s events application. Downloading the application will allow you to connect and interact with other participants, get the latest updates and personalise your Conference agenda. If you need assistance with the application please contact campaigns@world-psi.org. During IAMRECON, assistance will be provided at the PSI registration desk.